Sifnos is an island plentiful of history and traditions. It belongs to the Western Cyclades and lies between the islands of Serifos and Kimolos. Sifnos is just three hours away from Piraeus port and is an ideal destination for everyone loving the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the excellent food and the picturesque Cycladic alleys with the prevailing blue and white colors. Sifnos has a great tradition in pottery and gastronomy, being the birthplace of Nikos Tselementes, the top Greek chef of the 20th century. In no case, should anyone leave the island without tasting the Sifnean “revithada” (local chickpeas soup) and the traditional “mastelo” (lamb cooked on vine leaves in a ceramic crock pot).


Following the Middle Ages, Sifnos experienced a very fast progress in cultural and educational levels of Arts and Letters. Since 16th century, the high “School of Archipelagos” was established and many important personalities graduated from this school. The oldest gold and silver mines in the world could be found in the island as proved by the “Sifnean Treasury” building in Delphi. Due to the significant quantities of clay in the island, Sifnos became the most important pottery center in the Mediterranean. Someone could easily assume that Sifnos, with all these natural treasures, may become a Geotouristic destination attracting visitors throughout the year to enjoy the unique hiking journeys that are organized in the magnificent trails and to visit the numerous interesting museums of the island.


National Geographic

One of the Top Ten “Islands Under the Sun”

National Geographic Journey’s of a lifetime-500 of the World’s Greatest Trips

9th position

Blue Flag award

Sifnos holds the 2nd position among 52 countries for its beaches and marinas

Platys Gialos

Platys Gialos is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan beaches of the island and has been awarded for many years with a “Blue Flag” by the Foundation for Environmental Education .It is also a favorite destination for people of all ages. In Platys Gialos, you may find traditional and picturesque little taverns by the beach, all day beach-bars offering their services by the sea (umbrellas, etc.), great gourmet restaurants and tapas bars and many other gastronomic options for everyone. You may also find bakeries, mini markets, pottery shops, car rentals and tourist offices.

The sports enthusiasts will also be satisfied by the variety of sports facilities offered like the big soccer field next to the beach, the water sports available as well as boat rentals.

The modern, fully equipped marina is really impressive on the left side of the beach that allows visitors to arrive to the island and the village by boat. The marina is next to ILDIA VILLA just 5 minutes walking distance!

“Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy – Nicolaos Tselementes”

A unique event of the island is the “Festival of Cycladic Gastronomy – Nicolaos Tselementes” which takes place every September and is an international event of great gastronomy importance.

Every year, representatives from all islands of Cyclades meet in Sifnos and present their own unique traditional gastronomy and culture. Professional along with amateur chefs join their forces presenting magnificent recipes. The most attractive happening of the festival is the presence of “Tselementakia” (little Tselementes), children aged 6 to 12 , dressed in aprons and colorful chef hats participating to the cooking activities and adding a new perspective to this great event in a specially designed festival area.

At the same time, many cultural events presenting Sifnos’ traditions, with fun, music and dance as a key feature take place on the island. Entrance to these events and the “kerasmata” (traditional tastes) are free of charge for all guests.

Where to go/What to see

  • The monastery of Chrissopigi which is marvelously built on rocks that comes out of the sea and the little taverns on the Chrissopigi beach
  • Kastro (Castle) with an awe inspiring and breathtaking view where you can walk in its alleys, visit the archeological museum and enjoy a drink in the afternoon
  • Steno (little alley) in Apollonia, full of life and numerous options for food varying from little taverns to gourmet restaurants. Do not forget to visit the “Folklore and Pop Art Museum of Sifnos” which is situated in the central square of the village
  • Artemonas, which was the center of aristocracy on the island with the unique architecture being one of the most picturesque places in Sifnos. For the history and tradition lovers, the “Folklore Exhibition «Giannis Atsonios»” themed “In our homes, in the old days…” is really worth visiting
  • Agios Andreas (Saint Andrew) Museum, which opened in 2010 and is the most temporary museum of the island.

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